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We made it!

Yes, we did it! Ferrari and I travelled all the way to Bluff. At Invercargill we stayed at the Top 10 Holiday Park, a beautiful area with friendly people. From there we travelled to Bluff (only about 20 minutes away). What a lovely place. The first thing I saw as we entered were the fishing boats. I have been warned about the area's strong wind on most days (probably why there is a wind farm on the hill as you enter), but we were very fortunate to have lovely weather and no wind. We were also very fortunate to meet a camper at the southernmost tip who was willing to take our photo. Ferrari got a bit scared (she seems especially dubious of men) and escaped from my arms. I left the camera in the stranger's hands and went after the cat! After the cat and the camera had been retrieved we explored Bluff a bit further and then head off to Gore.

Bluff is the second oldest European settlement in the country (Kerikeri is older) and it was initially called Campbelltown. It was renamed Bluff in 1917 (just a little bit of unhelpful information!)

Campsite right by a hedge for Ferrari, yet she chose to go play in a more rural area at the back of the camp in a tree!

Chess-set at the Top 10 Holiday Park in Invercargill

Ferrari love this space to the left and above the passenger seat!

lovely to be outside without a lead!

We made it! Ferrari seems less a little less impressed and doesn't fully appreciate our accomplishment - after all, now we have to travel all the way back North again!

Stirling Point, Bluff.

Flat Hill wind farm as seen from Bluff.

Little scavanger

Above and three photos below: houses and buildings in Bluff's Main Street.

Loved this mural!

WWI monument in Bluff.

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