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Kingston is a tiny little settlement between TeAnau and Frankton. I went for a walk down the road and found the lake. I went for a walk up the road and found a corner pub that is closed down and for sale. Next to it is a petrol station with a very small dairy. Just opposite the road there was another little business that seems to be permanently closed as well. So, the main activity in the town was at the Holiday Park where Ferrari and I stayed for a night. And on this particular night three lots of ex-South Africans (without planning) found ourselves in the same little settlement in the same camping ground. One of the couples I met a while ago through a friend. Edwin and Janet has been on the road for two years now and record their travels under Thumb and Tumbelina’s Travels on Facebook. They introduced me to another South African couple from Nelson whom they had recently met at the same camp - William and Michelle. A small world indeed. To top it all off two of the ladies who were in my group during the Milford Sound Tour the previous day, were also staying at the camp.

It is really sad to see the little towns and settlements suffer under the side-effects of Covid 19. I was told that Te Anau, like Queenstown has lost 90% of their tourism. Seems it is much the same for Kingston.

The little settlement of Kingston

Just down the road from the holiday park is the lake

Beautiful little picnic spot, right by the lake in Kingston.

Up and down the road

This looks like a little forestry or plant shop that's for sale.

Another business for sale

While mum explores, I'll just have a little nap on her seat!

.... and the Queen

Don’t know if you watched Seven Sharp 24 February on TVNZ1 and saw Freg Burgers handing out free burgers on their 20th anniversary in Queenstown. I just happened to have a walkabout the city when this was happening. The line went all the way up the street for at least two blocks and people would easily have had a two-hour wait for a free burger, but they were keen!

Queenstown has beautiful gardens. I was most surprised by an artist I found in one of the galleries, L Muirhead. His work is superbly realistic and looks like a photo. He is 70 years old and originally from Invercargill.

Queenstown also have some historic buildings, although not as much as I expected.

Marine Parade follows the edge of the lake and there are a multitude of touristy things you can do - go for a wild ride on a jet boat, go on a beer cruise, etc. Then off course there is the cable car.

I had a lovely walk through the city and garden and popped into at least three art galleries. The holiday park we stayed in was tiny and a little squashed in, but only 5 minutes walk from the city centre and the people were really friendly. The photos are just snippets of the city.

The burger frenzy!

The photos that follow are just quick impressions of Queenstown

View from the garden.

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