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Surrounded by beauty

Still, clear blue water with mountains as a backdrop and trees in the foreground - Lake Tekapo is an exceptionally popular spot for people seeking a break from the ordinary. A place to refill and recharge in more than one way - the recreation and rest offered by nature and the spiritual experience of visiting the Church of the Good Shepherd. On Sunday 4pm I sat in the small space lined with heavy, dark wood and rock. The lake visible through the front window of the church. I was very aware of the heat and that the only door had been shut to keep nosy (and noisy) tourists out. Next to me sat a mum with a very busy two-year old. The message - be who you are and let the way you worship God reflect who you are.

On the way to Lake Tekapo with a few bits of snow visible.

On the side of the road heading towards Lake Tekapo.

Church of the Good Shepherd

Monument for the Collie Dog close to the church.

Lake Tekapo is East of Geraldine on SH8.

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