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As we travelled, I kept an eye on the weather and sea conditions, especially around the Cook Strait. We could only check in at 12pm yesterday at Paekakariki Holiday Park on the Kapiti Coast and were spending some time at the beach when I decided to check the swells again. It seemed the conditions would be best on Friday. That meant we had to speed up our plans a little and move a bit closer to Wellington. I booked the ferry for 3:30am (yip, what was I thinking). The others were either fully booked or were only leaving Friday afternoon/evening and by then the weather might already be changing again. I also phoned and cancelled our booking at Paekakariki and then headed down to the Capital Gateway Motor Inn which is only about 10 minutes away from the InterIslander terminal.

Ferrari's nocturnal habits didn't provide opportunity for a lot of sleep beforehand and I must admit, I was pretty nervous about finding the InterIslander terminal, getting the motorhome onto the ferry, making sure the cat would be OK with water, food and ventilation - but not too much ventilation otherwise she could escape! So much to think of!

Capital Gateway Motor Inn - a big lawn and lots of bushes for Ferrari to roam!

Above: The Wellington motorway visible through the trees at the Motor Inn.

Below: A few photos of Paekakariki Beach.

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