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Searching for Ferrari

The motorhome went in for a few minor repairs at Christchurch RV Centre in Sockburn, a busy part of the city. I booked a little studio cabin for the day at the holiday park where we were staying. When it was time to fetch the motorhome I put Ferrari in her backpack, phoned Uber and head off. Ferrari was getting agitated and the driver took a bit longer than expected, so by the time we got to the RV Centre, Ferrari was warm and unhappy. I gave her fresh water after settling the bills at the tyre-place next door and at the centre. I went to pick the backpack up to put her in the motorhome and realised Ferrari was gone. I opened the zip just a little so she could get more air and she grabbed the opportunity with all four paws!

Panic! A customer saw Ferrari leave through the front door and into the parking area. I searched and called, but to no avail. According to the app for the tracking device She was either in the parking area close to a 6ft wall or just on the other side of it where there were bushes and rubbish. I opted for the other side and waited and called and shook a container with her food... nothing.

One of the guys (Kevin, I think) explained that they need to shut the gates now and that I can't be on the premises because they activate security cameras. I must say he did really try his best to search for her as well. Another (I sadly didn't get his name) said he will stay longer to do some work and that he will call me when he needs to go.

I kept searching and calling. By now my phone battery went dead and the battery on the tracker was very low as well. By about 6:30pm I said I don't think she' will come out, I'll park my motorhome outside the gates and keep calling her. The guy whose name I didn't get, said that's not safe, I can park inside, I'll be "safe as churches". He'll hook me up to power and I just need to stay away from the back where the cameras are. Just before he could organise all this I walked around the parking area in the front and called again, and yes, out she came from underneath one of the motorhomes.

I picked Ferrari up, walked over to the guy, thanked him profusely for his kindness and patience. All he said when he saw the cat was "bloody good!". He repeated that a few times.

I put Ferrari in the motorhome and we went back to the holiday park.

The kind people at Christchurch RV Centre will hopefully soon receive the little gift hamper I ordered ... just to say thank you again.

Yes, they did a great job on the motorhome as well and explained what else still needed to be done – just little things.

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