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Saying goodbye to the South

No, you did not imagine things, it was initially meant to be a year long tour of the South Island. During these past two and a half months however, I realised (or maybe rediscovered) a few things about myself:

1. I'm not too bad at organising things, planning things, and even putting those things into practice, but I do not particularly enjoy those things so much on my own - no offence, Ferrari Baby. I'm more of a pack animal. I like to see friends on a regular basis, catch up over a coffee, go for a walk, reminisce about this, that and the other.....

2. I like to have a base, to be settled in a particular place where everybody knows how to get hold of me and that I know is my territory (so to speak). Ferrari fared far better than me in this area - anywhere can be home to that cat!

3. I love to have something I have to do. The absolute significance of having something that one needs to do is simply marvellous!

Is there more to see and experience in the South Island? Yes! You can travel the South Island for decades and still find more things to see and do! this was a great opportunity that I am thankful for. I saw a lot, experienced a lot and learned a lot about New Zealand, the South Island, my cat, myself, and even about those of you who commented on my posts. So, a huge thank you for all your support, love and kindness before and during our trip. Allow me to also say a big thank you in particular to Frans and Lizzie and Jaco and Anel for helping me (and Ferrari) to get started on this journey.

Leaving Picton

Approaching Wellington

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