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Preparing to travel with Ferrari

So I watched every YouTube video (well, almost) about people travelling with cats in motorhomes, people just as crazy/open minded as myself. Seems that it is something mostly done in America and the UK. I have heard of traveling cats in New Zealand, but as far as I can tell it is not promoted prominently. Mostly I suppose because Kiwis generally just get on with things quietly - a quality I'm still striving towards.

So I bought about three different leads (with each new addition I thought it might be more comfortable for Ferrari or more practical for me), a pen to tie them to, a tracker, rescue remedy, catnip, pet remedy, hairball remedy and cat tunnels (supplementing the existing ones). Oh, and a large dog cage with cover that I could put next to the motorhome for her to play in. This was a little less practical though, because storage in the motorhome is a little too limited to accommodate it, Also, I'm sure she would find her way out of it - she's more of a free roamer.

Getting myself sorted proofed equally challenging. With an 18 cubic meter storage space filled to the brim and about 15 boxes (no exaggeration) of art and craft supplies donated to friends and op-shops, I finally saw a teeny tinylittle light at the end of the tunnel.

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