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Nature Calls

The morning we left Timaru, one of the ladies in the holiday park asked if it was Ferrari she heard fighting two nights ago. I said yes, but thought: well it wasn't really her fault was it, the grey cat didn't quite understand boundaries. We liked staying in Timaru, but were ready for a change. We drove through Oamaru and stayed at Herbert's Forest Campground -any cat's dream. Sadly on this occasion I could not let Ferrari loose - too many native birds and an electric fence to keep some sheep in. She did however have two leashed walks and thoroughly explored this huge camp (12 acres) in North Otago. The camp also allows vehicle storage which is probably why we saw so many unoccupied caravans. It felt as though we were the only campers in the area - a truly amazing spot in the heart of nature with friendly hosts.

Moeraki Beach with its famous boulders is about 10minutes from the camp on the way to Dunedin. It was initially believed the Moeraki boulders were formed over millions of years. In 2018 however, the Otago Daily Times reported a study at Japan's Nagoya University showed that concretions grow at a much faster rate - several months to several years. The boulders are formed by carbonate forming over dead organisms which is then covered by marine mud. (Otago Daily Times, Thursday 10 May 2018). Whatever the explanation for the formations, they remain beautifully intriguing. The turnoff to Moeraki Village is not from the beach - a really beautiful fishing village worth visiting. From there we made two more quick stops on the way to Dunedin - just to keep Ferrari happy.

Above and below: Getting closer to nature at Herbert's Forest Campground

Tiny Ferrari was keen to explore the vast forest

Moeraki Beach - definitely worthwhile to visit, for the boulders, the birdlife and just the serenity of the area.

Moeraki Village was initially a whaling station - now a fishing village with a population of just over a hundred.

Lovely picnic spot next to the road close to Palmerston.

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