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Getting to know the wildlife

After leaving Tongariro and initially planning to stay in Taihape, we were able to make it a little further down to Mangaweka (the river of the weka or wood pigeon). The holiday park is situated next to the Rangitikei River just before entering the town. It has a more wild, rugged look and is easy to access if you have a car or 4x4. I found it a little more challenging with the motorhome. This however, could be because I'm not all that experienced with driving one yet. I found the layout of the park a bit challenging as well, but we managed to find a quiet spot with Ferrari letting me know it is high time! To my amazement campfires were allowed. I was a little surprised to find the one closest to us still smouldering and even producing a few flames as there was no one around when we arrived. Ferrari and I dealt to it promptly.

With our new leash-policy I patiently walked Ferrari through the area before kindly requesting her to stay inside for the night. It went better than expected with only one or two wake up calls from her and a few growls from me.

During our walk just before dark, a possum jumped out of a tree and landed just ahead of us with a thud. Ferrari seemed unfazed, she had met a few of these critters before. When a little grey rabbit ran past, she sat quietly watching. The fantail on our morning walk stayed unspotted. I doubt Ferrari would have let that one go!

We left early and headed towards Bulls. A really lovely little town full of character. The Bulls Holiday Park is conveniently situated right on the highway, bordering neighbouring farms on the opposite side. It's here that we found a spot. Yes, we saw actual bulls. Ferrari was intrigued. She sat still inside staring out at these creatures through the window. The camp also has a resident black and white cat that thankfully knew to keep its distance, and it was our first introduction to the noisy magpies!

Impressive cliff face at Mangaweka.

Farm life right next to the motorhome at Bulls Holiday Park.

The Park is very child and pet friendly.

Spot the Monarch butterfly!

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