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Fudging compliance with required legalities

Lesley mentioned something about God's perfect timing to me in an email the other day. I think what followed after my previous post confirms this.

It was brought under my attention that my road user certificate (looks like the car rego thingy) that needs to be displayed on my motorhome window at all times, has arrived at the Reynekes in Tauranga. That was off course while we were already parked up at the National Park. I paid the fee online before we had left Tauranga and thought all was done and dusted.... not so much. Anel kindly whatsapped it to me so I had proof that I purchased it, but it still needed to be displayed on my window. I suggested a courier, but fortunately they were headed my way a few days later. All I had to do was wait patiently and pick it up not too far from where we were parked. This extra time at the Kiwi camping ground with Mariana was very valuable. I got great tips for traveling, working online and making the motorhome a happy place for Ferrari as well. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a couple (Gillian and Ray) also travelling with a full bred Birmese called Fudge who is on a lead at all times when outside their caravan. Fudge, I was told, is actually a farm cat with an impressive hunting record (mostly rabbits). When in the caravan however, he is completely domesticated, sleeps at night, and is very happy to walk on a leash with his humans.

Although he has done this since the age of 9 months, it gave me hope for Ferrari's progress in domestication. Up to now I have let her loose with her activated tracking device, the requirement is actually that pets (including cats) be on a leash all the time when outside. So we have started the process. For me at the moment this means keeping strange hours and providing as much walk time as possible. For Ferrari it means learning that her human needs at least some sleep at night and that the days of quietly sneaking around are something of the past for now (a little had to sneak if you have human feet thumping and crushing close to you). Thankfully up to now my cat seems very resilient and patient with her human and willing to at least try to conform (well mostly).

Compliance is such a hard thing!

Photo above and below (taken with mobile) A little more of the beautiful National Park before we moved on.

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