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First few weeks in our new home

This was super hard! I thought I had planned everything meticulously, but..... Instead of receiving the motorhome in the morning, the company I bought it from still had to get the WOF done so, I could only get it the afternoon - not a lot of time to pack my belongings and the cat and move to friends' property on the same day. In hind sight: I put a lot of pressure on myself and Ferrari. Another disappointment was the faulty mechanism of the bed, which meant it could not be moved down from the roof. A circuit board has been ordered... from Europe...this can take months (in the meantime a temporary fix was done on the bed). I felt anxious, lost and diss-shelved. There were a few realities that hit home and worries that surfaced - How is my cat going to adapt to a new environment each time? Am I breaking my cat? Suffering quite a few losses over the years I couldn't help wondering if all I did was to create more loss for myself.... and my cat! How am I going to survive in such a small space? how am I going to go shopping and park the motorhome in a space hardly big enough for my car? I hate working with gas. Then there is the issue of using a dumping station. The list goes on.

I can honestly only thank God for patient, level headed friends who listened to my ramblings and helped me address one concern at a time - this was after all my idea! A few weeks in I feel a lot more confident. Ferrari will always return to the motorhome, no matter what surroundings we are in. She has a place to stay, fresh water and food and heaps of love. I can operate most things in and around the motorhome (for the rest I will have to phone roadside assistance). I have everything I need with me. A big adventure awaits in the new year.

The motorhome at Frans and Lizzies's place where we stayed for about 2weeks.

What a beautiful plant-filled area where Ferrari could hide all day and play all night!

What an adaptable cat! She learned fairly quickly to walk on a leach. Off course, that is not her preference!😁

Trying out the camping necessities! The ladder in the front is something I made for Ferrari so she can easily exit and enter through one of the windows.

Found a slat table and clothes line that can both fold into a tube at Hunting and Fishing - very handy for storage.

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